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Here's Johnny!

Sep 30, 2019

As a part of our buildup to the release of "Doctor Sleep", we are reviewing another film by director Mike Flanagan that Larry claims is one of the scariest films he has ever seen. Starring Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood, this Stephen King adaptation is not for the light hearted. The next review in our buildup for...

Sep 30, 2019

Rachel Shatto of the Zombie Grrlz podcast ( joins Larry to review the latest film from director Rob Zombie. How will it compare to "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects"? Listen and find out!


Film Background- 12:10

Plot- 18:57

Cinematography- 63:41

Audio- 79:17


Sep 23, 2019

Two game reviews in a row!! Larry and Justin review the follow up effort from "Until Dawn" creators Supermassive Games. How will it stack up? Listen to find out! Join us next week as Larry and Rachel of the Zombie Grrlz podcast reunite to review Rob Zombie's "3 From Hell"!!

Plot: 8:20
Gameplay: 19:50
Audio: 26:20

Sep 16, 2019

The first game review in awhile was quite a heavy one! This new release was announced at this past E3, and fans of the lore and franchise were waiting on baited breath. Well now it is hear and we have reviewed it! How will it stack up against the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Listen and find out...

Sep 13, 2019

It is time for us to rectify our neglect of the Friday the 13th franchise. Every Friday the 13th going forward, we will be releasing a review from the franchise going in release order. So that means this week we are taking a crack at the original! Larry has always said Mrs. Voorhees is the real champ of the...