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Here's Johnny!

Apr 25, 2022

Not only in this episode are you getting a solid review of a 'classic' PS1 game, but you will get to hear the amazing tale of how a squirrel took down a truck! Justin also has some super cool news about his work at DreadXP!

Apr 18, 2022

One of the very few times an episode was 'lost' during the history of Here's Johnny, the Evil Dead (2013) review stands alone. Listen as we talk our thoughts on the film, hear from guests, and talk about what we think comes next in the franchise. Join us next week when we start playing the Evil Dead games, starting with...

Apr 11, 2022

We finish our journey through the Dead Space franchise with the latest entry released in 2013. How will the reboot shake things up? How will this fair against what came before? Listen and find out...

Apr 4, 2022

We head back to Raccoon City to review the reboot of the film franchise. Can it carry any of the water that Mila Jovavich was able to? Listen and find out... Also, be sure to check out Justin's interview with Mr. Resident Evil himself Shinji Mikami, and Kenji Kamura about their recently released...