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Here's Johnny!

Apr 8, 2019

This time it is for real!! We bring on patron Kyle to dive deep into Jordan Peele's sophomore effort! We talk about all of the easter eggs, what parts we found most terrifying, and most importantly we also discuss the deeper cultural & political issues brought up in the film! Stick around to the very end where we announce who our next big guest will be!! Also, the audio got a little funky on us but we think we fixed it the best we could!!

2:07 - Get to Know Kyle

14:00 - Production Notes
18:15 - Plot
52:35 - Cinematography
61:25 - Audio
67:20 - How Scary
77:05 - Final Score
79:00 - What Subgenre is "Us"
84:00 - Emails
104:30 - Closing