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Here's Johnny!

Jun 26, 2023

This week the boys talk all things Insidious and make plans for their five-year anniversary.
Justin is back at editing this week, so hoping everything is in order. If not, let me know.

This is Justin your captain speaking, It's been a while, so I might have forgotten something.

How are you doing today? I hope your weekend was ok? I just played a bunch of Final Fantasy 16 and some Outlast 2. I can't talk to Larry about FF16 because I don't want to spoil it for him. 

If you are playing it, I hope you are enjoying it! So far base-level thoughts? Combat is fluid and fun, the story is dark as hell but I am enjoying it so far. The music and side quests are the weakest part to me so far. Some side quests that give you upgrades the green symbol with a plus are generally more involved and good but the rest have been too MMO fetch questy for me. Overall still really good though.


Anyways have a great week!

- Justin